Main Goal

Develop skills to lead, articulate, manage and think government action in a strategic and innovative way, considering the challenges and perspectives of the Federal Public Administration, with the objective of improving the services provided to society and enabling public servants to act as agents of change and improvement of public management, in its transversal themes.

Why do Specialization at Enap?

The courses in the Specialization Program have a selected staff of professors, with an average of 70% PhDs who use the teaching-application methodology, which seeks to connect concepts and theories with practical experiences, case studies applicable in the exercise of public management and in elaboration, implementation, evaluation and monitoring of public policies and technical visits, which involve on-site monitoring of the execution of public policies and experiences considered innovative in public management.

The selection of contents is carried out by specialized curators who indicate the main trends and themes that make the Program's courses unique in the market.

The preparation of the End-of-Course Paper is another differential of the Program's courses, which maintains the activity as mandatory, but with a focus on practical application.

Teaching Modalities

The program offers both presential and distance courses.

Master of Public Policy (MPP)

The ENAP’s Master of Public Policy (MPP) is a graduate certificate program for high-level civil servants of Brazil and other partner countries focused on developing leadership competences and strengthening hard and soft skills.

Master of Public Policy (MPP)


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